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● Do I have to be an experienced photographer to join your workshops?

○ Absolutely not! Please understand the basics of operating your camera gear, but our workshops are designed to boost your know-how and increase the quality of your photos, no matter your skill-level.  Also bring your camera's manual, so we can figure out any settings we might need.

What type of photography gear do I need?

◦ We accommodate photographers who have many types of setups, from cell phones to high-quality, professional cameras and lenses. Please bring the setup you’re most comfortable shooting with, a tripod, additional batteries and memory cards, and a bag or backpack to easily transport them.

Can you teach me post-processing and photo editing?

○ Post-processing and editing is typically taught during our multi-day or week-long workshops. If you’d like help outside of these events, please contact us.

Photography Skills & Learning

Do you provide food and water?

○ We typically provide one water bottle and a small snack for each day trip.  Please bring additional food and hydration to last the day. Many workshops include stops for food as well – please refer to your workshop’s page for all the details.

How physically demanding are your workshops?

○ Each workshop page has individualized information on what you’ll need to be able to do in order to participate.  At a minimum, you need to be able to carry your own equipment, food, and water for at least a mile, as well as bend down, and climb up or down steps. Please be honest about your physical capabilities when you register! If you cannot meet the physical requirements for the workshop, we reserve the right to prevent you from traveling with us (for your own safety!).

What should I bring?

○ While each workshop has its own requirements and recommendations, we
generally recommend the following: food, water, a backpack/bag for your gear, your camera body, lenses, backup batteries, additional memory cards, a tripod, sunscreen, comfortable clothes, and sturdy shoes.

Can I bring my dog?

○ Sorry, but animals cannot be accommodated in our general workshops. There
are many safety considerations (including for your pet!), and some parks restrict animal access, which could impede our workshop. If you have a service animal, please contact us to discuss your options.

Day-of Logistics

● What’s the average group size?

○ Most workshops have a maximum number of 6 people so we can give everyone plenty of
individualized attention and instruction throughout the day.

● Can I bring my kids?

○ Our workshops involve long days and set schedules we need to adhere to. Older children who can comfortably join the group are welcome, but we recommend leaving younger children with a caregiver. We can also create a custom trip for any family.

● Can you create a custom itinerary for me?

○ Definitely! Visit our Private Workshops page for more information, and feel free to contact us with your details.

● What about bumps and bruises on the trip? Do you have medical training?

○ While we require all our clients to sign liability waivers before our workshops
begin, John carries a number of safety and ethics certifications, including: Wilderness First Aid (WFA), Basic Life Saving (BLS), Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR).

● What if the weather is bad?

○ Please refer to our Terms and Conditions page. We’ll do our best to keep our
workshop on track (learning to shoot in varying conditions is an important skill for
all photographers!), but we won’t continue our workshop if conditions are unsafe.

● What’s your refund and cancellation policy? 

○ Check out our Cancellation Policy and Liability Waiver here: Terms                
(We also recommend travel insurance )

Photo Workshops

● Who are you guys?

○ RedRock Workshops is founded and led by professional photographer, John Burcham. Read John’s bio here: About

● Do you carry permits and insurance?

○ We always maintain the necessary permits to visit our local photo sites. We also keep our business insurance up-to-date.

● Why the name "RedRock Workshops"?

○ Redrock Workshops is based out of Flagstaff, Arizona which is surrounded by RedRock country in all directions. Almost all of John's photoshoots and exploring adventures seem to end up in the beautiful red sandstone of the Southwest.

● How can I contact you?

○ Visit this page for all the details: Contact  

About Redrock Workshops


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